Sixteen years ago, in 1995, Tommy Lineman decided to start a small HVAC company. Disillusioned by the way most big heating and air companies put there own agenda before the needs of the people they were supposed to serve, Tommy opened up Lineman’s. Through the years, Tommy has made sure that the company’s purpose remains the same—quality work meeting the needs of real people.


Tommy realized that customers want someone who will take the time to explain what needs to be done, and give them honest options concerning what direction should be taken. When a Lineman’s employee is working at someone’s house, they are instructed to focus on the job just as he would if he was working at a beloved family member’s home.


Lineman’s is licensed in the state of North Carolina for heating and air- (H-2, H-3-1; No. 20114), as well as commercial refrigeration (No. 3871).




“After we came home from a camping trip, we found that our air conditioner had stopped working. One quick call to Lineman’s on a Saturday evening and we were all fixed up before our seven kids were in bed. Thank you so much for the quality work and the quick service.”  Roger | Cherryville, NC